Vindebye Veirmølle Extremely detailed account (in Danish) of the history of Vindeby Mill as we see it now in light of the existing historical documents and of the dendrochronological dating that was done in 2005. Written by local historian Jens Erik Christiansen.
Ravnsborg Local History Society The premier issue of the society's publication "Lokalhistorien" contains the original description of the history of Vindeby Mill (in Danish) by Jens Erik Christiansen. It's interesting to note just how much our view of history can change when new information becomes available.
Facebook page Facebook page for Vindeby Mill.
The Weather in Nakskov - Lightning and lightning damage Photo report showing the damage to the mill caused by the lightning strike in June of 2002.



Danish Miller Association The Danish Miller Association used to be a professional organization representing the interests of millers, but today is open for anybody with an interest in old wind and water mills. The website of the association (in Danish) also coordinates the activities at mills all over Denmark on the annual Danish Mill Day, 3rd Sunday in June.
The Mill Archive List of old Danish windmills and watermills with photos, descriptions (in Danish) and links to websites.
Danish Mill Forum Website (in Danish) by Danish mill enthusiast Lise Andersen containing historical information, an overview of the old mills of Denmark, discussion fora etc.
Old Mills Of Lolland-Falster Regional mill website (in Danish) describing the history of milling on the twin islands of Lolland and Falster and with up to date photos and descriptions of the 17 still existing mills. Also contains map information and a calendar showing the opening hours of each mill.
TIMS - The International Molinological Society Molinology is the science of windmills and watermills. TIMS is the most prestigious international society coordinating the activities of molinologists, molinographers and molinophiles.
The Dutch Windmill An excellent description of the history of the Dutch windmill and the characteristics of the construction of all its different subtypes.



Ravnsborg Local History Archive The collective long term memory of the former Ravnsborg Municipality, now a part of Lolland Municipality. (In Danish).
Lolland Municipality The official website of Lolland Municipality. (In Danish). Contains links to information on cultural activities and tourist attractions.
Nakskov Fjord Formally a website (in Danish) about the nature in and around Nakskov Fjord, but it also contains a wealth of other information about the entire West Lolland region, including descriptions and links to all our tourist attractions. A good starting point for exploring the area.