The Four Seasons

Spring Summer Autumn Winter


Historic pictures

The mill Aerial photo Postcard Miller Helge Gren, 1957



The great spurwheel Stones Winding winch Rigging the sails


Farming machinery, Danish Mill Day 2003

Threshing machine Reaper binder Fiat tractor  


Pictures from Danish Mill Day 2004

Good attendance Open air church service The yard The blacksmiths
Bread-on-a-stick Old tractors Threshing machine Running threshing machine


Harvest using reaper binder, 2004

Harvesting Harvesting The reaper binder in action The sheaves are stooked


Christmas market 2004

Garden mills and christmas trees Flea market on the ground floor The stairs to the meal floor (Who's that gnome???) Christmas gnomes of all shapes on the stone floor
Horse-drawn carriage Horse-drawn carriage    


Danish Mill Day 2005

The Nakskov Garden marching band Open air church service The kitchen Relaxing in the garden
Horse-drawn carriage Threshing Threshing Threshing
... and grinding The chairman learns smithing Not quite enough wind...