Just like our teeth large machinery needs a checkup from time to time. At Vindeby Mill we recently had millwright Michael Jensen from the mill builder company John Jensen Aps come in and have a look at the mill. Unfortunately he did find a couple of cavities.

There were three main problems. One we knew about. The woodwork in several places, including in the cap, is suffering from some insect infestations that we've thought that something should be done about. Now something will!

The second problem was the covering of the mill body. It's in a bad state and needs to be completely replaced. However, this is not an acute problem and it can be spread over several years, e.g. two of the eight sides at a time.

The third problem is the worst. Rainwater has entered the cap near the sail cross and caused rot and fungal damage to the "pillow block", the block of wood that supports the bearing that in turn carries the weight of the windshaft, the brakewheel and the wings. The damage has already caused the bearing to sink so that the windshaft is in a more horizontal position than it was designed to be, affecting the entire geometry of the mechanism in the cap. For this reason the millwright has advised that the mill not be operated before this problem has been rectified. Unfortunately this means that we won't be able to show the mill in action on Danish Mill Day, June 17th, or during our opening season in the summer of 2012.

The economy of Vindeby Mill Guild is basically sound, and with good old fashioned farmer sense we've laid something aside for a rainy day. These repairs, however, are a bit too much for us, so now we'll have to go begging from charitable fonds etc. This sort of activity is already underway.



The repairs have been completed, and the mill will be running again during the summer season of 2013.